Our Farsø plant is one of the world’s most modern cutting systems. Himmerlandskød’s equipment makes it possible to achieve100% traceability directly, from the animal at the farm to each single cut in the meat counter.

It often happens to our customers that sell Himmerlandskød or have it on their menu, that their customers ask them about the meat, and we know it is important for them to be able to show and tell that their meat is 100% Danish. Buying Danish products has become an important parameter amongst modern consumers, and it is a further advantage to get precise information about the provenance of raw materials. Today, most people want to be sure that animals are raised and transported in proper conditions. There is a demand for meat that has not been produced by a machine, but has been carefully picked, and that is exactly what we do at Himmerlandskød.

At Himmerlandskød’s facilities, animals are slaughtered and processed in compliance with the most stringent food safety requirements and regulations. The whole procedure, as from the arrival of livestock at the slaughterhouse until the end of the cutting operations at our Farsø or Hadsund plants, is subject to self-auditing, thus ensuring high quality and food safety throughout the process.

Himmerlandskød’s meat is produced according to the highest hygiene standards, and of course it also complies with EU’s food legislation, in every respect.

Animal welfare

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