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Pricing and Payments

Payments are made according to EU’s classification grid (EUROP method).
Prices depend on the classification of the livestock delivered.

Payments are calculated every Friday and transferred on the next Monday so that funds are available on your bank account on the Tuesday following the week of delivery.

At the end of each calendar year, a gradual incentive bonus is paid, based on the quantity of supplied livestock. This incentive bonus requires a minimum of 100 animals delivered during a calendar year.


Himmerlandskød aims at promoting the production and commercialisation of Danish quality food paying special attention to food safety, animal welfare and traceability. That means that we always stay in close contact with farmers. We firmly believe that human relations make a difference when trying to conciliate everyday life and business – that’s why we find it important to serve our suppliers personally and co-operate directly with you.

We co-operate with farmers that wish to feel free to choose to what producer to deliver their livestock.

Himmerlandskød offers attractive pricing, and farmers have no obligations whatsoever towards us. We are a flexible business partner, and we always have the capacity to take in further livestock.

Moreover, we offer our suppliers auxiliary services such as slaughtering and cutting up for domestic use.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how to become a supplier.