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Our values

Himmerlandskød operates according to our key values, which are ‘parsimony’, ‘industriousness’ and ‘propriety’.

We firmly believe that human relations make a difference when trying to conciliate everyday life and business. As our customer and supplier, you will feel the difference between ‘being served personally’ and ‘being served’, and you will always get the advice and service you expect. We are proud that our experience, individual knowledge and culture enable us to give you a reliable and mindful service.

Our goal is to provide consumers with beef and veal meat from animals that are raised, slaughtered and processed in Denmark. We aim at supporting Danish farmers and Danish quality food production.

Our culture is founded on professional pride, workmanship and honouring the promises we make.

You can always rely on us to deliver the products agreed upon. That’s why the key to effective co-operation is that we are always there for you.