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We are proud of the fact that we say what we do and do what we say. It is crucial that you can rely on agreements with us to be fulfilled and that you always get top quality products that meet customer expectations. That's why Himmerlandskød always operates in close dialogue and co-operation with you.

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100% danish

Our meat is only and exclusively Danish. Livestock are born and raised on Danish livestock farms. Livestock are slaughtered and processed in the Himmerland region in Denmark. That our meat is 100% Danish means that our livestock do not undergo long-distance transport. That does not only increase animal welfare, but also improves meat quality.


100% closeness

Our customers emphasise the quality of our meat, our flexibility and the fact that they always deal with the same interlocutor, who is always there for them. Himmerlandskød’s size is just right when it comes to fulfilling customers’ requirements and needs. As Denmark’s second largest beef producer, we are not too big to serve each customer personally, and our strong professional knowledge characterises the entire corporate culture, to the benefit of our customers. Still, we are constantly developing, and our capacity is adequate to serve larger customers, too.


Danish Agriculture

Himmerlandskød contributes to promoting Danish farmers' production, and we always stay in close contact with farmers. Our local engagement is very strong, and not only do we focus on quality, but also on the commercialisation of Danish quality products paying attention to food safety, animal welfare and traceability.


We pick our raw materials according to quality, not according to race. We only process highest quality, thus ensuring a great consumer experience every time”,

– Christoffer Andersen, Deputy Executive Director of Himmerlandskød.

Himmerlandskød's meat is sold in Danish retail commerce and food service sector, to the industry as well as to butcher shops throughout Denmark. We also export our meat to several regions of the world.