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Himmerland Veal

Himmerland Veal reflects our wish to offer a unique product and a great taste experience. We believe that great taste also depends on the fact that livestock are treated properly. That’s why farmers care about animal welfare. Medicine is only given under veterinary supervision, and the cattle are transported by means of authorised vehicles keeping travelling time as short as possible.

Our Himmerland Veal is the result of clear requirements and a transparent concept

Our farmers are responsible for complying with existing regulations, such as veterinary requirements, provisions and regulatory requirements according to Danish legislation.

Himmerlandskød’s farmers undergo a veterinary audit at least once a year.

Calves are raised drinking raw milk and have access to adequate quantities of fresh water. Livestock are fed on sound, healthy fodder such as straw, hay, grass, cereals ((barley, rye, wheat and oats) or soya.


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Animal welfare

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