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At Himmerlandskød, we want to live up to the ever-increasing demands for quality, hygiene, food safety, traceability, and animal welfare – for the sake of our customers, consumers and our own. Therefore, we are also proud that our cutting facilities in Farsø and the slaughterhouse in Aalestrup have the much sought-after IFS Food certificate.

The IFS Food standard places particularly high demands on quality, hygiene, food safety and traceability, so that our customers and consumers are guaranteed that we comply with the highest standards in the industry.

The certification is completely in line with our quality assurance and our brand, where food safety and animal welfare are key factors – our customers and sales chains do not only wish for these parameters to be met: that is something they require.

So not only are all Himmerlandskød’s quality products 100% Danish: We are proud of the fact that they comply with the most stringent requirements and highest standards.

See our IFS Food certificates here:



Customer-specific certification

In addition to national and international requirements, our largest business partners approve our production by carrying out yearly quality assurance checks according to high quality, hygiene, food safety and animal welfare standards.